Thursday, May 3, 2018

Six Songs I Never Should Have Written / An Interview.

In the past, I've given considerable space to the shallow, and yet semi-interesting voice of Louis C. Monteverdi.  After all, who can forget  his biographical essay "Confessions of Louis C. Monteverdi: An Educated Cocktail Pianist"  and his less than helpful "5 Tips for Overcoming those Pesky Piano Performance Anxieties".

But, despite strong feelings to the contrary, I found the title of Louis'  latest song cycle, just barely compelling enough to sit down with him, once again:

Greenberg:  The name of your latest piece is--?

Monteverdi: "Six Songs I Never Should Have Written"

Greenberg: Touches me as a bit morose.

Monteverdi: Never heard of Moe Rose. Is he good?

Greenberg: So that's the name of the song cycle.  But what are the titles of the individual songs?

Monteverdi: Well, there's  "First Song I Never Should Have Written".  Followed by, "Second Song I  Never should have Written".  Then there's  "Third" -  (Over talk)

Greenberg: Got it.  What would you say was your biggest influence?

Monteverdi: You know those 1.5. liters of wine?

Greenberg: WHO would you say is your biggest influence??

Monteverdi: I'm not sure I understand..

Greenberg: What do your songs sound like?

Monteverdi: They sound like crap.

Greenberg: Which is why they're called-

Monteverdi: Yeah!

Greenberg: So, will all six songs be performed?

Monteverdi: Hardly. First of all, there's only three of them.

Greenberg: But, the title-

Monteverdi: And the third song's incomplete.

Greenberg: Do you intend to finish the third song?

Monteverdi: Sure - I'd love to get it up to at least half-a-minute.

Greenberg:  So, let me see - in your compositional technique these songs are conceived as sparse,         perhaps delicate, miniatures??

Monteverdi: You are one fruity guy.

Greenberg: Well, that's it. We're done. As far as I'm concerned, you can take these songs and wrap      your fish in them!~

Monterverdi: Franz Schubert did!

Greenberg:  Seriously?

Monteverdi: Absolutely!  Haven't you heard of the "Trout Quintet"?

Greenberg: Is there any wine left in that bottle?