Saturday, May 21, 2016

A Homage Nina Simone

  A Homage Nina Simone

"a Homage Nina Simone" is the third of four chamber pieces I've written, grouped under the title "Scenes without Words". Others pieces include  1. "Circus Vibes", 2. "Dickens and Nelly" and 4. "Carl Churning Rides Again".

"Homage" was titled after I had begun its composition, inspired by the versatility of Nina Simone, the African American artist and civil rights activist. She began her musical life as a classical pianist and singer of church gospel music, followed by folk, blues, and  later jazz and popular music

The work attempts to suggest that sense of eclecticism.


Piano: Warren Helms
Violin: Amy Hamilton-Soto
Cello: Amy Butler Visscher

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