Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Circus Vibes - from "Scenes without Words"

"Circus Vibes" on YouTube.

I've always loved chamber music and wouldn't dream of passing up an opportunity to write for the classic ensembles.

"Scenes without Words" is about four descriptive pieces for three instruments -  each one named after something popular, or at least theatrical, the exception being "Carl Churning Rides Again".  (Please don't ask.  I can't even fully explain the reference. It's title seemed right, yet impulsive - but nonetheless intuitive.  Whatever..)

 The 3rd piece"A Homage Nina Simone" has been premiered via YouTube with visuals I selected and edited.  Consequently, its title is self-evident.

So too with "Circus Vibes" (no. 1), which found its title when I realized one of the early themes resembled "Entry of the Gladiators" (also known as "Thunder and Blazes").

Once again, the performers are:

Piano: Warren Helms
Violin: Amy Hamilton-Soto
Cello: Amy Butler Visscher

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